Dr. Khaled Huthaily
My wife, Amal, and I on her gradation Day.
Emad, the cowboy!
Hussam, the cowboy!
Dancing with my boys!
Hussam and I: fun with cakes - 2012
Emad and Hussam: Easter, 2012


I am still in the process of updating my website. Some sections might have meaningless text. My plan is to have it all done by the end of summer 2014.


Hello and welcome to my website, which allows me to keep one of my hobbies alive, namely, web design/development. Here, I also share some information about my academic background: educational linguistics. Needless to say, I use this website to share my thoughts and opinions on a number of things. I am in the process of improving the website to reflect current trends in web design: responsive web design. I have a lot to do, and my goal is to have it ready some time in summer 2014.

Dr. Khaled Huthaily


مرحبًا بكم في موقعي الرسمي/الشخصي الذي أطل من خلاله عليكم وعلى العالم. أتمنى أن تنال مواضيعه إعجابكم وأن تجدوا في هذا الموقع معلومات نافعة، قد تتفقون مع بعضها وتختلفون مع البعض الآخر. مازلت في مرحلة تصميم الموقع ليتناسب مع الاتجاه الجديد في عالم تصميم المواقع بحيث يكون الموقع انسيابيًا مع شاشات الكمبيوتر والهواتف الذكية. قد تأخذ مني هذه العملية بضعة أشهر، نظرًا لانشغالي بعدة أمور أكاديمية، لكن هدفي هو إنهاء المشروع قبل انتهاء صيف ٢٠١٤.


My book "Second Language Instruction with Linguistic Awareness: Teaching Arabic to Speakers of English" is a research-based book that examines the impact of explicit instruction in phonetics and the phonologies of English and Arabic ...
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I enjoy writing on a number of topics, some of which are "sensitive." Most of my writings are still on my hard drive. Whenever I have time, I will allow some of them see the light from this website. Despite the fact that Arabic is my first language, I find it easier to write in English.
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Arabic is a Southwest Semitic language, like Hebrew, Aramaic and Amheric, that is spoken in the Arab world by approximately 300 million native speakers. It has 29 letters and is written from right to left in a cursive style. Arabic morphology and syntax are rich and complex.
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Arab World

The "Arab World" is a common term that refers to twenty-two countries in the Arabian Peninsula and Africa that identify themselves as "Arabs." In this webpage, I provide a brief introduction to the Arab world and the Arab countries. I also try to address the question: who is an Arab?
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Linguistics is defined as the scientific study of language. Generally speaking, linguists tend to give priority to spoken languages and to the problems of analyzing them as they operate at a given point in time.
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Evidance for evolution of life on our planet is abundant. It is unfortunate that some people don't even give themselves an opportunity to read about evolution and the scientific facts that support it.
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It is important for the believers fo the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) to read about Babylon. By doing so, they will get to know their own religions and realize who they are.
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I am dedicating this section to articles and news that I found to be useful, informative and/or intresting. I provide a brief introduction based on my readings, followed by a link to the original article.
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